Supply Chain Strategy

Supply chain management has become the competitive differentiator for companies today. Denali Advisory’s approach to supply chain assessment and strategy utilizes our proprietary Supply Chain Effectiveness Framework:

Our Supply Chain Strategy focus areas include:

  • Assessment & Strategy
  • Supply Chain Benchmarking
  • Supply Chain Process Redesign

Tap into the most powerful cost reducer available

Externally purchased materials and services represent 50-80% of a company’s total cost structure, making supply chain innovation the most powerful cost-reduction lever and revenue generation tool available today. The advancement of Web-enabled technology and the emergence of global supplier and buyer networks make it imperative that companies understand and innovate their supply chain landscape.

True supply chain innovation is achieved with a holistic approach – from the suppliers’ supply chains through product design, strategic sourcing, procurement, logistics, product use, and disposal. Denali Group has broad expertise across all supply chain-related functions and incorporates best practices to help companies design and build innovative, world-class supply chains.

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