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Denali Solution Benefits

  • Improves the quality of service delivered to internal customers and stakeholders
  • Frees up category managers and procurement resources to focus on more strategic needs of the enterprise
  • Eliminates resource and process bottlenecks
  • Provides dependable, scalable execution capabilities
  • Improves procurement’s reach and spend under management
  • Augments your existing capabilities rather than replacing or duplicating them

Denali Sourcing Services is focused on increasing addressed spend and savings by accelerating transactional and template-driven sourcing projects to eliminate bottlenecks and improve the internal reach and impact of strategic sourcing organizations.

eSourcing Platform

Denali Sourcing Services is the only technology-agnostic sourcing services provider whose sole focus is sourcing execution. Our team is proficient on multiple platforms. If the client prefers, Denali Sourcing Services can make an eSourcing platform available to clients on a per-project basis.

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