pure-spendDenali Group’s PureSpend™ smart technology suite leverages a competitively superior spend analysis solution combined with industry-leading strategic sourcing expertise.

Benefits of Denali’s PureSpend™ Solution include:

  • Fast – A high-quality spend analysis that can be generated in as little as 4 to 6 weeks, dramatically reducing time to value.
  • Flexible – Refinements to classifications, hierarchies and other data structures can be made in real time, allowing immediate incorporation of input from users, commodity managers and other stakeholders, without the need for a lengthy republish cycle.
  • Productive – A unique drill-down and reporting capability, coupled with the real-time data structure modification capability, enables unparalleled depth and flexibility of spend analysis unmatched by any other tool.

How we do it:

  • Highly Optimized OLAP Engine
  • Advanced Modeling Facilities
  • Real-Time Hierarchy & Rules Editing
  • Built-In Data Loading Facility
  • Powerful Data Viewer
  • Flexible Deployment Options

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