Opportunity Assessment & Strategy

Using a comprehensive methodology, each spend category is reviewed against a number of different opportunity evaluation metrics to estimate and prioritize the savings opportunities


Denali Opportunity Estimates Inputs


Denali’s Strategic Sourcing Opportunity Assessment includes:

A Complete Current View of Your Company’s Annual Spend

  • Complete annual spend data: cleansed, enriched and classified
  • Custom-built spend report leveraging best practices in sourcing metrics and data analytics
  • 3-month unlimited access spend visibility dashboard via SaaS BI solution

A Detailed Strategic Sourcing Report

  • Detailed Current-State Procurement Assessment
  • Complete strategic sourcing-opportunity report, including savings estimates
  • 3-year strategic sourcing road map and actionable implementation plan

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Denali Group’s PureSpend™ smart technology suite leverages a competitively superior spend analysis solution combined with industry-leading strategic sourcing expertise.

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