Solar Panels

Report Abstract:

This Market Intelligence Report focuses on the solar panels marketplace in the United States from a supply chain sourcing perspective. The report focuses on photovoltaic (PV) panels, which are manufactured devices containing solar cells constructed of semiconductors. These cells, most commonly made from silicon, collect energy from natural sunlight and transmit the energy into electricity. Primarily a concentrated and developing industry, the market has an emerging supplier base and is growing at a medium rate. The solar panels category has medium product segmentation and serves primarily commercial, government and consumer markets. Despite the U.S. economic recession, clean energy sources continue to show positive growth in both the domestic and international markets. The future demand for solar panels is being driven by volatile energy costs and a government and environmental movement to curb climate change. Key costs around the solar panels category include polysilicon, labor, and related manufacturing materials. The major trends in the solar panels industry include government economic incentives to increase production and consumption of panels, and the expanding capabilities of solar cells to achieve grid parity, among others. Import and export activity in this sector is medium and is exhibiting an increasing trend. The risk outlook for the solar panels industry is improving based on the microeconomic environment. Category management best practices around the solar panels industry include strategic sourcing practices, green initiatives and international market dynamics advantages.

Starting with detailed background information to provide category context, this report provides insight into the market drivers around demand and key costs, including both historical and forecasted commodity pricing. The supply base section covers the top suppliers, including high-level overviews and market news. The report presents the NAICS category cost structure and historical, current and future pricing curves. The trend section reports new and emerging industry directions. Regulatory considerations include tariff and taxation issues and developing governmental initiatives. Risk outlooks offer a view into upstream drivers that could adversely affect the industry and category. Insights and Best Practices share winning strategies around the management and sourcing of this category.

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