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Three Industries Going Through Dramatic Supply Chain Transformations

October 23, 2014 – Three industries are going through dramatic supply chain transformations: retail, health care, and shale oil

Procurement professionals report increased capital expenditure

October 22, 2014 – Company spending on capital expenditure has increased in the last year

Finding Procurement Talent – Putting Internal Recruiting in Full Swing

October 21, 2014 – By building the base of the talent pyramid organically and addressing issues tied to compensation and strategic perception of the role, fresh eyes and fresh viewpoints can be brought in

80 percent of the time negotiating contracts is wasted

October 20, 2014 – Upwards of 80 per cent of time is not spent in value-adding activity

Turning Your Procurement Success into Career Advancement

October 17, 2014 – Today’s procurement professionals have all the tools needed to support their organization’s growth and drive meaningful value

Is integrated business planning simply another buzzword?

October 16, 2014 – Creating a healthy balance between supply and demand isn’t as easy as it sounds, especially when offshore supplier relationships and a complex distribution chain

Research highlights gender pay gap in supply chain

October 15, 2014 – Study suggests supply chain managers are less likely to be female higher on the corporate ladder

Coming Full Circle With Direct Procurement

October 14, 2014 – Direct procurement is making a comeback not just on the sourcing and supplier management side, but in execution

Mobile Procurement and the BYOD-Ready Enterprise

October 13, 2014 – For many companies, from small organizations and startups to larger enterprises, the bring-your-own-device (BYOD) concept makes a lot of sense

The Procurement Technology Lifecycle: Part II – Funding the Technology

Part II of Denali Group’s three-part “The Procurement Technology Lifecycle” series is designed to assist decision makers as to how to best develop a business case for attaining approval for a procurement technology investment/transformation. Critical questions will be addressed, such as “what are needs (business) versus wants (my users)?” and “what are the real requirements? […]