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Creating an Effective Procurement Strategy

When talking with procurement executives about their strategic planning efforts, we hear a wide spectrum of responses regarding how formal (or informal) their procurement strategy is. Some admit to not having a formal strategy, while others have very detailed, well-documented strategies complete with roadmaps, category-specific strategies, and detailed metrics and dashboards. The download link is […]

Forbes: Why Supply Chain Matters: Jobs

Students graduating in 2019 will have nine careers in the course of their lifetimes; 50 percent of the occupations known today will be obsolete in ten years

Google Shopping Insights: New Supply Chain Management Tool for Retailers

Google’s Shopping Insights specifically shows what products consumers are searching for online in what cities, at what time and on what sort of device

3 Keys to Managing Supplier Integrity

Among the reasons for supplier-related conflict is the lack of a shared perspective on what types of behavior are appropriate—in other words, different levels of business integrity

Three ways to communicate the value of supply chain management

The complexity of supply chains often led to executives overlooking or misunderstanding the field’s contributions in the past, but things are changing

Five Ways For Procurement To Turn Good Work Into Recognition

Deliver what they want; and deliver what they don’t know they want

Innovative Resource Models that Increase Procurement’s Productivity

Today, more than ever, Procurement organizations are being asked to do more with less. The bandwidth of most Sourcing and Category Management organizations are being stretched to the limits. This webinar will expand some of the newest project staffing trends that proactive Procurement organizations are using to increase sourcing throughput via innovative, cost-effective staffing models. […]

Readiness for Category Management – Lessons Learned from an Ultramarathon Runner

Chris Eyerman and Alan Veek of Denali Group discuss “Readiness” as it applies to Category Managers and what lessons can be learned from Ultra-marathon Runners.    Category Management is like a long distance race:Concepts discussed:1. A training Plan2. You can’t Do it Alone3. We must become comfortable with being uncomfortable4. Develop a strategy5. There is […]

Academy Insider Vol 2 – Fall 2015

ACADEMY INSIDER Upcoming Denali Academy Training Category Management Foundation: November 4-5, 2015; Pittsburgh, PANew! Category Management Foundation: December 8-9, 2015; Bellevue, WACategory Management Foundation: January 12-13, 2016; San Francisco, CANew! Category Management Excellence: January 19-20, 2016; Pittsburgh, PA Message from the Editor Last month, Denali Academy unveiled its next level of procurement learning with Category […]