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5 Steps to Creating a Successful Procurement Strategy

A procurement strategy is one of the most important tools that a procurement organization has to maximize its value contribution to the company. This strategy serves as a compass to guide the organization and should be updated at least annually to ensure ongoing alignment with the overall corporate strategy.

Procurement’s Transformation from Tactical to Strategic: Retooling Your Organization for Better Category Management

In this whitepaper, Denali Group discusses essential components necessary to allow procurement to shift from a tactical mindset and retool for strategic category management. We’ll examine topics such as resource limitations, skills gaps, training and knowledge management, as well as procurement’s overall reputation.

A Tale of Two Companies: Delivering Bottom-Line Procurement Value

This whitepaper discusses two practical approaches our clients used when sourcing the temporary staffing category. While this area of spend may have been fully explored in previous strategic sourcing initiatives, don’t be too quick to dismiss the familiar. All too often “comfortable categories,” such as temporary staffing, deserve a second look and often offer extra saving opportunities.

Top 5 Best Practices for Sustainable Sourcing Capabilities: A Countdown to Success

Effective execution is key to building a sustainable sourcing program. It requires an organization’s ability to extend reach, achieve more spend, execute on sourcing projects, negotiate supplier contracts, and –finally–to drive more savings towards the bottom line. Download this litepaper now to learn about the top five best practices that can help transform a sourcing […]

Hunting & Farming Suppliers: Aligning Your Organization’s Structure and Talent to Drive Value in Supplier Lifecycle

Most sales organizations have two kinds of salespeople: individuals who actively go after and get new deals, aka “Hunters;” and those who grow and nurture existing relationships, aka “Farmers.” Using this concept, this whitepaper explains why procurement organizations continue to fail at allocating the right resources to hunt new deals and manage supplier relationships to add value […]

Five Mistakes That Can Sabotage a Successful Procurement Transformation

This whitepaper was created in the spirit of the season, to help ensure success of your organization’s endeavors in 2012. Imagine this as your New Year’s resolution: “This year, I plan to create a sustainable, world-class procurement organization that can drive additional value into the future.” It is achievable if done properly. In this whitepaper, Denali Group highlights five mistakes that can sabotage a successful Procurement Transformation and offers suggestions as to how to make Procurement Transformation more effective and long lasting.

Procurement is from Pluto; Stakeholders are from Saturn

Procurement professionals should ask the following question: “How can Procurement better connect with stakeholders and understand their needs in order to deliver exceptional value?”

This whitepaper delves into what it is that Stakeholders really want from Procurement and how we can shift our practices to better meet those needs.

Denali Group Procurement Innovation Research – 2011 Findings Part II

Creating Exceptional Value Through Stakeholder Engagement

Procurement organizations must push the boundaries of value creation. At Denali Group, we believe this effort begins with stakeholder engagement. Engagement that is truly collaborative, proactive, and forwarding thinking; engagement motivated by stakeholder wants and needs and tied to corporate-wide goals and objectives.

This whitepaper reports findings from Denali Group’s 2011 Procurement Innovation Research and is Part II in a series. In it, Denali Group presents how Procurement can better engage with customer stakeholders to create innovative programs that drive exceptional value.

Denali Group Procurement Innovation Research – 2011 Findings Part I

Market Update – The Procurement Innovation Imperative. Denali Group’s 2011 Procurement Innovation research has found that innovation is no longer an option for the world’s leading Procurement organizations, it’s an imperative.

Building an Effective Procurement Knowledge Management Program

Procurement organizations need to be well prepared for the workforce changes ahead. Having a solid Knowledge Management Program in place can help to seamlessly manage transitions by capturing and sharing intellectual capital and preventing it from walking out of the door.