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Making Procurement a Strategic Function Has Nothing to Do With Saving Money

Part One: Revolutionizing Spend and Supplier Management for Greater Value   This is the first in a series of Denali Group whitepapers on Supplier Lifecycle Governance, an in-depth look at a critical and emerging discipline. This first installment focuses on the philosophy behind the effort and discusses why for many companies adoption of this approach […]

Managed Sourcing Execution in an As-A-Service Economy

While procurement organizations traditionally handle the execution of all sourcing activities in house (analytics, Rfx management, negotiation, supplier management, etc.), aggressive growth goals require the consideration of alternate approaches. In response to such an opportunity, procurement should be prepared to leverage managed services—also known as Procurement-as-a-Service (PaaS)—as part of their overall spend management strategy. PaaS […]

Creating an Effective Procurement Strategy

When talking with procurement executives about their strategic planning efforts, we hear a wide spectrum of responses regarding how formal (or informal) their procurement strategy is. Some admit to not having a formal strategy, while others have very detailed, well-documented strategies complete with roadmaps, category-specific strategies, and detailed metrics and dashboards. The download link is […]

Best Practices in Utility Procurement 2020 Part I: Value Creation

The utility industry is in the midst of a sea-change. In years past, excellence in procurement was seen as a mere feather in a corporation’s cap. Increasing customer demands together with added cost and regulatory pressures, however, have driven this principle into the forefront of business strategy. In this three-part whitepaper series, Denali Group will […]

The Procurement Technology Lifecycle: Part II – Funding the Technology

Part II of Denali Group’s three-part “The Procurement Technology Lifecycle” series is designed to assist decision makers as to how to best develop a business case for attaining approval for a procurement technology investment/transformation. Critical questions will be addressed, such as “what are needs (business) versus wants (my users)?” and “what are the real requirements? […]

Procurement’s New Era: Driving Value through Strategic Category Management

In the past decade, the impact of procurement’s role within organizations has become increasingly profound. No longer is procurement considered a tactical arm of the enterprise whose key tasks are purchasing and brokering deals. We’ve entered a new era of category management where category managers are evolving as leaders and stakeholders are recognizing procurement for […]

The Procurement Technology Lifecycle. Part I – Procurement Technology Landscape

Part I of this three-part series starts with “The Procurement Technology Landscape”—a look into the impact of the “cloud” and other changes in the market. The second part, “Funding the Technology,” covers the approach to how procurement leaders might seek to justify and fund these solutions. In the final part, “Beyond the Implementation,” we cover […]

Building a Talent and Knowledge Management Program: The New Imperative for Procurement Organizations

Major changes in the procurement talent landscape have created a need for formalized talent and knowledge-management programs. Organizations must assess what evolving skills are needed and then attract and retain top talent by understanding their motivators. It is equally important to build effective processes to capture intellectual capital so that when shifts in workforce occur, […]

Global Sourcing for Electric and Gas Utilities

Emerging trends and opportunities to help drive savings More than ever before, Global 1000 organizations rely on procurement to provide incremental sources of value—and electric and gas utilities are no different. With evolving supplier capabilities and the advancement of new global markets and technologies, organizations are now able to search the world for additional savings […]

eSourcing in Latin America: Cultural Challenges and Opportunities

This whitepaper discusses eSourcing in Latin America and provides helpful tips and insights into the major categories of spend sourced in Latin America.