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Insights: Webinars

Charting the Future of Procurement- The Executive’s Perspective

Denali Group shares insights into the future of Procurement from the most recent SIG Global Summit executive roundtable discussion, which includes commentary from more than 30 CPOs. Key topics include: *Stakeholder Engagement *Organizational Trends *The Future of Supplier Management *Talent Management Strategies *Value Identification & Tracking   PDF of SIG Denali Webinar  

Talent & Knowledge Management – The Procurement Imperative

Several significant environmental shifts are creating one of the biggest challenges for Procurement organizations today: how to manage talent and knowledge. This webinar will discuss what’s behind some of these environmental shifts and, more importantly, what Procurement organizations can do to effectively meet these new challenges.  

What Makes Excellent Category Management Training

A SIG Solution Deep Dive Webinar with Denali Group. Presenters: Susanne Wrage, Program Director Alan Veeck, Vice President Description:  Training only delivers the expected return on investment if it drives the desired changes in outcomes and behaviors, and if training participants are able to improve their performance. However, many training programs fall short, and don’t […]

Farming Supplier Relationships: Learn to Drive Value More Effectively

As procurement professionals, we are—by nature—designed to hunt for deals. However, once those deals are in the bag, it’s equally essential to apply strategic “farming” skills to grow, nurture, and maximize the value of the supplier relationships. In this webinar, Denali Group will expand on their recent whitepaper: “Hunting and Farming Suppliers—Aligning Your Organization’s Structure […]

From Tactical to Strategic: Retooling for Better Category Management

It’s fair to call the last ten years transformational for Procurement as a function. We’ve learned to break away from the back office to the fore fronts of the corporate seats, delivering strategic advantage and value to our respective companies. While this transformation is happening at the functional level, when we look behind the curtains, […]

Special Report Webinar: SIG Executive Roundtable Findings

Last fall, Sourcing Interests Group (SIG) brought together procurement and outsourcing executives From Global 1000 and Fortune 500 companies for topic-based, cross-functional roundtables. The C-suite executives and their direct reports discussed top-of-mind issues related to: talent management, sourcing pressure points, trends in outsourcing, sustainable sourcing programs, procurement in 2020, and risk.

A Programmatic Approach to Sourcing: Delivering Real, Lasting Value

Best in class organizations are finding that a programmatic approach — one that combines both strategic and non-strategic spend—creates an opportunity to drive real change and make savings even more sustainable over time.

The CPO in 2011: The Toughest Job in the Global 1000 Presented by Denali Group and HfS Research

CPOs may have the toughest corporate job in the world. Delivering exceptional value to internal stakeholders while driving strategic results is a complex challenge. HfS Research and Denali Sourcing Services will present how one Fortune 50 Procurement organization successfully met the challenge and achieved a 19:1 procurement ROI.

Expanding Procurement’s Value Through Innovation

This webinar reveals the details of new and exciting innovations identified by Procurement executives associated expanding Procurement’s value.

What’s Next for Procurement: Innovating to Drive Value

In this webinar, Denali Group will share insights into the latest Procurement trends and innovations based on interviews with executive leaders from industries including …