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Insights: Procurement

Forbes: Why Supply Chain Matters: Jobs

Students graduating in 2019 will have nine careers in the course of their lifetimes; 50 percent of the occupations known today will be obsolete in ten years

Google Shopping Insights: New Supply Chain Management Tool for Retailers

Google’s Shopping Insights specifically shows what products consumers are searching for online in what cities, at what time and on what sort of device

3 Keys to Managing Supplier Integrity

Among the reasons for supplier-related conflict is the lack of a shared perspective on what types of behavior are appropriate—in other words, different levels of business integrity

Three ways to communicate the value of supply chain management

The complexity of supply chains often led to executives overlooking or misunderstanding the field’s contributions in the past, but things are changing

Five Ways For Procurement To Turn Good Work Into Recognition

Deliver what they want; and deliver what they don’t know they want

Procurement performance worsens on key indicators

Procurement could face greater pressure to control spending as global economic stability increases

Procurement Function Expected to Change Dramatically Over Next Five Years

New App Bundles, such as the Virtual Company Mall, will Help Drive Changes in Process and Roles

Three ways procurement must build bridges with finance

Procurement and finance teams share a lot of common ground, with both trying to achieve cost savings, improve process and governance and control risk

Procurement Success Today Requires Getting Closer to Business Managers

Many Companies have Taken Traditional Efficiencies about as Far as They Can Go, Need to Better Align Procurement and Business Interests

RFP Writing for Procurement Solutions – Stop Repeating the Same Mistakes

RFXs of all kinds are a way of life for procurement. Whether it’s a request for information (RFI) to try out prospective suppliers, a request for proposal (RFP) to firm things up around a specific activity or a locked-in request for quote (RFQ)