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Utility Procurement 2020 – Best Practices Benchmark Study Findings

The comprehensive utility services industry study identifies best practices and trends in the procurement space, as well as quantifying key operational metrics for comparison of participants. Most metrics and practices were organized along three primary themes: Value Creation Operational Excellence Strategies for Growth

Embracing a Category Management Mindset: How to Think Like a Strategic Category Manager

SIG Webinar with Denali Group – Embracing a Category Management Mindset: How to Think Like a Strategic Category Manager Alan Veeck Vice President Denali Sourcing Services SIG- Denali Embracing a Category Management Mindset Webinar PowerPoint Slides

Charting the Future of Procurement- The Executive’s Perspective

Denali Group shares insights into the future of Procurement from the most recent SIG Global Summit executive roundtable discussion, which includes commentary from more than 30 CPOs. Key topics include: *Stakeholder Engagement *Organizational Trends *The Future of Supplier Management *Talent Management Strategies *Value Identification & Tracking   PDF of SIG Denali Webinar  

Five Steps To Creating A Successful Procurement Strategy

Leading procurement organizations are adopting an integrated approach to transforming their end-to-end Sourcing and Procurement processes in favor of one-off “point solutions.”

A Programmatic Approach to Sourcing: Delivering Real, Lasting Value

Best in class organizations are finding that a programmatic approach — one that combines both strategic and non-strategic spend—creates an opportunity to drive real change and make savings even more sustainable over time.

Navigating The New Paradigm in Purchasing: Denali Viewpoint

What can procurement expect in both the near-term and longer-term future? Jon Hansen and Alpar Kamber discuss on Blog Talk Radio.

Stop Sabotaging Your Procurement Transformation Efforts – 5 Mistakes to Avoid

SIG Webinar Presented by Denali Group’s John Evans and Conrad Snover

Insights for Creating Strategic, Value-Driven Stakeholder Relationships

How can procurement better connect with stakeholders and understand their needs to deliver exceptional value to them?  

Procurement Transformation: Collaborating to Create Sustainable Results

Denali Group and Caesars Entertainment present Procurement Transformation: Collaborating to Create Sustainable Results at the SIG Global Leadership Summit 2011 in Seattle, WA.

RAPID Strategic Sourcing: Five Strategies for Tangible Results

This presentation covers Denali Group’s five strategies for achieving tangible results, via a RAPID Sourcing model: Master Supply Markets, Develop a Robust Attack Plan, Use Fit-for-Purpose Approaches, Aggressively Manage In-Flights, and Plan for the Future.