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Innovative Resource Models that Increase Procurement’s Productivity

Today, more than ever, Procurement organizations are being asked to do more with less. The bandwidth of most Sourcing and Category Management organizations are being stretched to the limits.

This webinar will expand some of the newest project staffing trends that proactive Procurement organizations are using to increase sourcing throughput via innovative, cost-effective staffing models.

Here are the slides used in the webinar

For more information about how Denali Recruiting and staffing can help you, please contact Marrena Anderson.

Marrena Anderson
Vice President Recruiting & Staffing
Office: 903.941.0753
Twitter: @MarrenaAnderson

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Denali Recruiting & Staffing focuses solely on the resource needs of procurement and supply chain organizations. We collaborate with companies of all sizes, from Fortune 500 to venture-capital start-ups, identifying and placing the highest quality candidates with expertise in strategic sourcing, procurement, and logistics. From our time spent with leading companies, we have developed a deep understanding of which attributes and abilities effectively add value to your procurement team.

Our Solutions
1. Direct-hire placement search capabilities for local, national, or global candidates
2. Common-sense, supplemental-staffing solutions for short-term projects and initiatives