Spend Management Advisory Services

Until recently, spend management processes and technologies have been seemingly status quo for the past 5-10 years.  However, emerging solutions and technologies are being widely adopted, challenging old mindsets about spend management solutions. This shift in thinking includes:

  • Companies looking to replace expensive, non-innovative ERP-style systems with more streamlined solutions akin to consumer-style commerce platforms;
  • CPOs seeking cohesive solutions that span the Source-to-Pay spectrum, and evaluating integrated solutions vs. best-of-breed solutions;
  • A strong movement toward simple-to-use and easy-to-configure-and-deploy platforms for capturing and controlling all spend;
  • More and more companies understanding and beginning to leverage the benefits of Cloud technologies and SaaS;
  • Companies transitioning away from the On-Premise or licensee contracting models characterized by high TCO.

As a technology agnostic company, Denali Group’s consultants take pride in being on the forefront of the spend management technology market. As a result, we are viewed as a knowledge leader and advisor, which allows us to guide our clients through a spend management transformation.

Denali Group offers broad expertise with all of the leading procurement technology platforms and incorporates best practices to help companies evaluate, acquire, implement, optimize, and manage best-in-class spend management programs.