Source-to-Pay Technology Implementation

New Procurement Technology Implementation

Whether it’s Cloud, SaaS or an On-Premise technology deployment, each implementation is unique because of goals and objectives specific to each business. Therefore, it’s imperative to deploy a structured implementation methodology.

Existing Procurement Technology Optimization

There are many cases where current technology may be the “right fit,” but just isn’t producing the promised results. There are also instances where the “big ERP” solution must stay. In any situation, there are ways to enhance the user experience, optimize utilization, and improve spend under management.

Source-to-Pay Focus

Denali Group is at the forefront of spend management technologies and has hands-on experience with best-of-breed solution providers in spend management. We can recommend a best-practice approach to drive savings through improvement in spend management processes and technology. Our comprehensive technology consulting services cover a “source-to-pay” spectrum and include the following capabilities:

Source to Pay Technology implementation