Procurement Technology Transformation

Transforming Procurement Through Technology Optimization

Businesses are affected by a host of issues in today’s economy: rising financial-institution economic issues, mergers and acquisitions, vertical supply chain consolidation, and growing pressure from government to have new, fully-auditable systems and compliance standards for business practices. These and other factors are driving companies towards technology to solve their problems.

Now more than ever, procurement executives are under significant pressure to deliver more cost savings, source and manage strategic supplier relationships, mitigate supplier risks, and accelerate procurement cycles. Faced with these ever-present challenges, CPOs and sourcing professionals must continue to seek innovative spend management solutions that enable their company to spend smarter and save more — delivering rapid ROI and bottom-line impact. As a result, procurement technology becomes an important tool for business transformation.

Denali Group has in-depth expertise across a broad range of procurement and supply chain technologies. We incorporate proven, best practices to help companies design and build innovative world-class spend management programs.

Our technology consulting focus areas include: