Low Cost Country Sourcing

Low Cost Country Sourcing (LCCS) can produce significant ROI, but must be approached methodically with both the short- and long-term sourcing strategy in mind. Expanding one’s global supply base can serve as a competitive advantage, including a more robust supply chain and lower costs, but also introduces risk and complexity that should be considered and measured.

Denali Advisory helps clients determine the appropriateness of LCCS via a multitude of measures, including:

  • Cost and Risk Opportunity Analysis
  • Currency Fluctuation Analysis
  • Transportation Cost Review
  • Economic Trends & Global Risk Considerations
  • Supplier Risk Assessment

We help clients implement LCCS with the following activities:

  • Supplier Identification, Risk Assessment & Qualification
  • Global Supply Chain Establishment
  • Distribution Network Management
  • Supply Chain Delivery Delay Planning & Management
  • Governance & Compliance

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