eSourcing Management

eSourcing tools and processes enable buyers and suppliers to connect and contract quickly and efficiently. eSourcing and online procurement can bring many rewards, including costs savings, faster and more efficient sourcing processes, more transparent pricing, improved adherence to corporate purchasing policies, and more accurate supplier measurement. eSourcing can also provide a scalable shared service that drives consistency, repeatable processes, and best practices across the organization.

Denali Advisory successfully designs and manages eSourcing programs by:

  • Clearly defining savings gained via eSourcing programs
  • Moving beyond the e-auction “event” mentality to a closed-loop, repeatable process
  • Integrating spend management functions (i.e. analysis, contracting, invoicing, and payment) and point solutions
  • Creating sustainable, low-cost models for ongoing eSourcing support

Once optimized, eSourcing programs become automated and transactional and are often template driven. eSourcing helps decouple sourcing execution from category management, removing the bottleneck that limits sourcing project throughput. This allows category managers to focus on strategic activities and increase their reach in the organization, while the eSourcing resources execute projects based on category management strategies.

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