Procurement & Supply Chain Management Solutions

We collaborate with procurement professionals to deliver more value, faster and more efficiently. Our innovative solutions help transform organizational capabilities, accelerate time to savings, and increase efficiencies and effectiveness!

Denali Consulting

Procurement transformation & supply chain optimization

Denali Sourcing Services

Managed sourcing execution & procurement outsourcing

Denali Academy

Strategic Procurement Training and Development

Denali Intelligence

Subscription & custom supply market intelligence

Denali Recruiting & Staffing

Supply chain recruiting & staffing

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Upcoming Events

SIG Deep Dive Webinar on Denali’s PureSpend™
July 14

Category Management Foundation
September 1-2, Pittsburgh, PA

Category Management Foundation
September 8-9, Bellevue, WA

UPMG Annual Conference
September 20-22, Denver, CO

WEI Annual Conference
September 27-29, Napa, Ca

Category Management Excellence
October 1-2, Pittsburgh, PA

SIG Regional Roundtable
October 15, New York, NY

SIG Global Summit
Oct. 27-29, Huntington Beach, CA

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